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Book Review – Sneak Thief

Sneak Thief by Faith Harvey is a delightful read that manages to tackle some serious subject matters in a book targeted for young readers. It’s funny, sweet, and has characters that will be easy for children to relate to and root for.

The main character of Sneak Thief, Hush Cantrell, is a young girl with a big problem. She feels the to steal things. All kinds of things. Whether she needs them or not. Hush also has a troubled family life, but luckily she meets a new friend at the beginning of the story and her small southern town comes together to help Hush turn a new leaf in her young life.

Sneak Thief could have just been a charming story of a young girl learning how to make positive changes in her life and cope with parents who have failed her. But there’s an interesting magic element to Sneak Thief that I didn’t see coming and worked extremely well to turn this story into something of its own fairy tale.

One of the most successful parts of the book talks about pain in both its physical and emotional manifestations and how some pain has a purpose. This reminded me a lot of how the film Inside Out lovingly talked about the importance of sadness. Some of the characters in Sneak Thief aren’t as fully developed as I would have liked, especially Hush’s friend Desiree, but I think most kids will enjoy this book, especially if they enjoy other stories with magical elements.

Sneak Thief releases on March 13th, 2018. This review is from an Advanced Readers copy.

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